Join us on the International Day of Yoga, June 21st, for a whole day filled with yoga. We are hosting an online live yoga festival from 09:00 till 17:00. The festival is streamed via Zoom, after payment you’ll receive your registration info via the confirmation email. 

All our teachers will share a yoga or yoga related class of max 45 minutes. You can join for the whole day or just pick and choose your favs for just €20.

We’ll keep our camera on for the whole day and every hour a new teacher will jump in front. Between each class is a 15 min break. 

09:00-09:45 • Gabi Franzini opening with a morning ritual

10:00-10:45 • Tim de Ruiter with an explosive yang flow

11:00-11:45 • Luca Bellucci with a meditation + tarot class

12:00-12:45 • Tim Genee with  tripod headstand + transitions

13:00-13:45 • Anouk van Haaster with her ocean’s flow

14:00-14:45 • Zoë Caja Van Der Beek with soft movement + yin 

15:00-15:45 • Joy von Winckelmann with a freedom flow

16:00-17:00 • Steffi Von Brunner with pranayama + yin & closing