We offer several workshops hosted by our teachers. Below you can find our upcoming events. You can register for the workshop with the relevant teacher. If you have an active membership card of Samudra Yoga you get a 20% discount at each workshop.

The Pillars of Yoga

Sunday 27 October – 14:00-17:00 – €30
Luca Bellucci (

This workshop is all about the Pillars of Yoga: Breath, Bandha’s (energy locks within the body) and Drishti (gaze or focus point). If used properly, these tools can increase the quality, the strength and the focus of your practice, preventing injuries and enhancing physical and mental awareness.

We will, theoretically as wel physically, explore how to use and combine the Yoga Pillars during the practice of Asana or postures.

Topics covered are:
–        How to use Ujjaii breathing (the yogi breath) to increase
         warmth in the body
–       How to use the 3 Bandhas (energy locks) to
         increase strength and lightness in the practice
–       How to use Drishti (gaze or focus point) to stabilize focus and
         create mental clarity

We will learn how to apply this trinity of Breath, Bandha and Drishti, breaking down basic asana’s such as:
–       Plank, Chaturanga
–       High and Low Lunge
–       Triangle series
–       Balancing (Tree Pose and Warrior 3)
–       Basic Forward Fold

The workshop is suitable for beginners as well as experienced students, to build and/or improve their own knowledge. Are you ready to move deeper into your practice?


True Core Strength

Sunday 10 November 14:00-17:00 – €40
Steffi von Brunner (

 True core strength isn’t about six-pack abs and doing tons of crunches. The most important core muscles are the deep core muscles, even though they are often the most neglected. During this workshop you’ll explore the deep core muscles in a fun, unique and interesting way.

Through body literacy and unique, fun and interesting movements you’ll learn to connect more to the deep core muscles, psoas and the deeper core line.

You’ll create awareness and learn how to use the 7 key core cues/waves within each yoga asana to help you move more from the core in transitions during your yoga practice.

You’ll learn practices designed to activate core strength on a more subtle level, helping you to cultivate willpower and confidence.

This workshop is suitable for everyone who wants to know more about true core strength, no prior yoga experience is required.



Sunday 24 November 10:30-13:30 – €40
Steffi von Brunner (

Let me take you on a wonderful relaxing and magical morning.

We will start the practice with specific breathing techniques, an exploration of the body followed by some relaxing yin and restorative postures to end with an extra long Deeprelax Yoga Nidra session.

You’ll recieve small massages and we’ll work with relaxing essential oils..

During the Deeprelax Yoga Nidra you lie comfortably under a blanket and don’t need to do anything. By listenening to my voice, your brain waves slow down entering a state of consciousness between sleeping and awake. 

This is where your experiences and fragments of memories are optimally processed, the muscle tension and stress in your body decreases and your blood pressure and heart rate drop. Your mind makes a wonderful journey, giving your body the chance to relax, recover and even heal at a very deep level.

Your mind makes a wonderful journey, giving your body the chance to relax, recover and even heal at a very deep level.