We offer several workshops hosted by our teachers. Below you can find our upcoming events. You can register for the workshop with the relevant teacher. If you have an active membership card of Samudra Yoga you get a 20% discount at each workshop.

Morning Rituals

Sunday 26 January – 15:00-17:00 – €30
Gabi Franzini (
You will need: A journal and pen

Do you often find yourself rushing through your morning to get things done? Rushing to your phone, to-do list or emails? Do you end up feeling overwhelmed, stressed and not like your best self throughout or at the end of the day?

We are so used to moving on autopilot. Waking up and letting our to-do list and the world pull us in a thousand directions instead of taking a step back and asking ourselves, what do I need? How do I feel? What can I offer myself today so that I can function at my best?

Would you like to learn how to create a morning ritual for yourself that helps you move through your day feeling less rushed, stressed and more calm, centered, clear, connected to yourself and ultimately, good? This is for you!

In this workshop, you will learn the power of taking time to cultivate more joy, presence, peace, and connection to yourself so that you can truly feel good and function at your best. We tend to think that rushing, pushing and striving will get us to succeed and to where we want to go, but there is power in taking a step back and giving yourself time to stop, feel, breathe, tune in – especially in the morning. If we are constantly going and doing, we only end up depleting ourselves.

This workshop will teach you how to take the time to cultivate the way you want to feel and move through the day as your optimal, instead of autopilot, self. Rituals become powerful when we do them consistently, and you will learn how to create one that works for you. We will be exploring

– Breath-work
– Meditation
– Journaling

And other self-care practices to help you create a morning ritual that will set you up for success.

Ps. My definition of success = feeling good.

Yin Sound Journey - Winter Special

Saturday 25 January – 19:00-21:00 – €30
Joy & Eddie (

Treat yourself with the healing powers of sound!

In this special class we will take a powerfull journey through yin poses guided by beautiful sounds. Through this yin class we will support you with the magical vibrations of singing bowls, koshis, a kalimba and vocals. As we take you along our journey of different poses we strive to find a place of deep surrender.

The use of live instruments causing vibrations will help you to go deeper into your poses. It will calm the mind and help you experience a deeper state of consciousness. The relaxing and opening effects of yin poses, combined with vibrations, will help you to make a deeper connection to the inner self. It will bring you into a place of deep surrender. 

In this practice we will make friends with the water element, which is the element of winter. We will focus on the kidney and urinary bladder meridian pair, primary organs that move water through the body. Because water resonates through vibrations the use of singing bowls and other instruments is even more powerfull. During this season our tendency may be to hide under a blanket until spring arrives, our yin yoga practice can stimulate our life force, revitalize the body, and help to find harmony with this cold, dark season.