We offer several workshops hosted by our teachers and guest teachers. Scroll down to find our upcoming events.
You can register for the workshop with the relevant teacher. 

Yin & Sound

Sunday October 11th  19:30-20:45
Studio Workshop by Asameé & Tamara


In the Yin Yoga you stay up to 5 minutes in a specific posture. We will stretch certain parts of the body to give it the chance to open up and release the underlying tension. We will focus on grounding, relaxing the mind and opening the heart and lungs area. We will make use of pillows, blocks, blankets or bolsters to support yourself during the practice (rolled up towels and cushion can substitute these props if you do not have them).
Your practice will be guided by the tibetan singing bowls and other instruments whose sounds and tones will be chosen for the specific pose/ area of the body. The vibrations add an extra dimension to the practice as they have a healing effect on our bodies entering them on the deeper level and removing energy blockages.

Amount of participants is limited due to the 1.5 meter measure we will observe, so be quick to register and reserve a spot if you’d like to join. Earlier experience with yoga or sound bath is not needed.

To register please send an e-mail to asameesound@gmail.com

Price: €25,00 (you will receive the bank details per e-mail)

Practical info:
* please bring your own yoga mat, if you have them, and props (cushion or towel as substitute for the prop). If not, please let us know
* please also bring your own water bottle
* free parking is available in the area, but parking spots might be scarce

Feel welcome,

Tamara and Asameé

Relaxing Sound Bath

Sunday October 25th 19:30-20:30
Studio Workshop by Asameé

Lie down and let yourself be taken away by the relaxing sounds of the Tibetan singing bowls, tank drum, gongs, Koshi chimes and other instruments. Allow the sounds to take you on a journey through your soul. The vibrations of the singing bowls can help you deal with stress as they enter your body and reach every cell.

There is place for a maximum of 10 participants.

Please send me an e-mail to asameesound@gmail.com to ensure a spot is reserved for you.
Cost : €17,50
Can be transferred upfront to the bank account NL98 TRIO 0338 7994 86 or paid with PIN card at the event.

New Moon Sessions

Sunday October 16th 14:30-17:30
Studio Workshop by Saar Grolleman

✨Join us at the beautiful Samudra Yoga & More studio at the Raamweg 16 to gather for a October mini-retreat in honour of the New Moon in Airy Libra that takes place on October 16th.

✨ If you ever wondered what would happen when you pair an Aroma Yin & Restore class with a Yoga Nidra & Sharing Circle class, sprinkle in extra time for Expressive Writing/journaling, meditation, self-myofascial release and healing touch, the energy of the current season (and elements and organs of action during these times) and the power of connection and communal intention setting… This is your invitation to find out!

🌑 What are {the New Moon Sessions}?
They are monthly gatherings, planned around the New Moon phase of the lunar cycle – a time to explore what seeds we wish to plant, journal about our desires and share them collectively (giving voice to your wishes holds great power). Once we’ve become clear on our intentions, we focus on nourishing the fertile soil that is your body, mind and spirit with the support of therapeutic grade essential oils, yin and restorative yoga, breathwork and yoga nidra, to allow your intentions to take root and flower.

♍ X 🧘 Why the New Moon?
Because working with the energy of the lunar cycle provides us with a fresh reboot each month. It allows us to set smaller, attainable goals and intentions throughout the year, versus big – at times overwhelming – goals for the year ahead. During a year where it feels like so little truly can be planned ahead, tending to the state of your body, mind and spirit on a regular basis can be incredibly nourishing and healing. Growth isn’t just something you work for and do, it is also something that occurs through allowing. Yin and Restorative Yoga offer brilliant vessels to put this into practice. Essential oils are further used as a baseline throughout our time together, to support you in grounding, witnessing and connecting with your heart’s desires.

《《 Registration + Your Investment 》》

Use the link below to pre-book your spot today!
◎ includes a custom essential oil roller, yoga practice and journal material:
≫ Early-Bird until October 1st: €39
⫸ Regular pricing after October 1st: €44
⫸ OR purchase a 10 Class Card to attend my weekly classes of your choice at Wake-Up Yoga and batch 3 classes to attend a New Moon Sessions Workshop!

☼ Please bring your own yoga mat, two blankets (or big beach towels), two cleanly washed pillow cases, and any other props you enjoy using in your practice (such as a strap or eye-pillow).

💆🏽 Good to know:
⇒ 8 spots available for an intimate experience
⇒ Please contact me in case of allergies/sensitivities or when you’re blessed with a pregnancy/breastfeeding.

⇒ The New Moon Sessions take place monthly, are scheduled around the New Moon and inspired by the cycles of nature and needs of those in attendance. Registration for October, November and December are open now.

😌 Plug the future dates into your calendar to lock in this moment of self care:

October 18, November 15, December 13, January 10, February 14, March 14.

🌐 In case of new restrictions/lockdown, this workshop will be modified and moved online, the essential oil roller and other material will be delivered to your home prior to our session 🙂

❌ Cancellation policy:
Workshops and events can be cancelled by sending an email to info@saargrolleman.com. Cancellation up to 7 days before the workshop or event is eligible for a 50 % refund. Cancellations after that grace period, are not eligible for a refund.